9 Psychological Facts About Love You Are Not Well Aware Of!

Today in this post I’ll reveal 9 psychological facts about love that will surely help you figure out how much you love your partner. What are those weird psychology facts that you need to look out for, to keep your relationship as long as possible. Moreover, I will also explain those little tricks that many of us can’t consider but can save your relationship with your partner.

Psychological Facts About Love

List Of Facts About Love And Relationships

  1. Love hits your heart in 0.2 seconds

It takes only a fifth of a second until your hormones emit a feeling in your brain when you look at your swarm. Studies dealing with brain perception expose that there are 12 different brain areas that deal with feelings about love. When you look at someone you love, a cocktail of neurotransmitters is pushed into the brain, which includes oxytocin, dopamine, vasopressin, and adrenaline. Consequently, the statement “love at first sight!”

  1. Kissing help in choosing partner

Two new studies over kissing could prove that kissing is not only beautiful and inspiring, but also helps us when choosing our partner. In this survey, women and men were asked to evaluate how kissing is important to find the right partner. Both sexes agreed that kissing in the choice of partner is significantly important. In addition, kissing is also essential to maintain a relationship. Finally, the psychologists have established that there is a link between the number of kisses that take place in a long-term relationship and the quality of this relationship. So if you want to maintain your relationship, you should kiss your partner regularly.

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  1. Self-realization requires in modern marriages

The ideas and wishes of a marriage have changed considerably over the years. Where permanence and stability have been achieved through marriage, personal self-fulfillment is now the focus, with marriage serving as a tool for self-discovery. In addition, couples invest nowadays no longer time and endeavor just not as much as previously, the relationship to maintain. Think about exactly what you really want and therefore you are willing to invest just as much energy in it.

  1. 25 years of relationship make couples look similar

A study by the Psychology of Love found that couples who are married for more than 25 years have increasingly similar facial features. This was confirmed by independent observers. The reason for this could be the ever-similar living environment, the influence of this person on your own actions and mutual empathy for each other.

  1. Save your marriage with simple exercise

The researcher Ronald Rogge found out in a 3-year study that couples who are in a marriage crisis do not have to go to the therapist, but it is sufficient to watch a movie about relationships, which is discussed later. The rate of divorce was reduced by half the couple, who watched movies together and then talked about them! Thus, it becomes clear that many couples actually know what is right and what is wrong. It is necessary to talk about the behavior and conclusions drawn from it.

  1. Love exist in brain

The first study to be considered, concerns the differentiation of love and sexuality. This provides clear differences between the two areas, but unbelievable overlaps. On the one hand it was proved that similar brain networks are activated by love and by sexual desire. These regions are activated, which also arouse emotions, motivation and the deeper thoughts. But at the same time you can also sex without love.

  1. Connecting with your partner!

Many people think that long distance relationships in the long term will not work, because is not seen often enough and therefore could be eroded feelings. A new study from the UK, however, looks different. According to this, the decisive factor in maintaining a long-distance relationship is communication.  So by means of communication you strengthen the bond to each other and thus increase the confidence. Consequently, you can create a stable long-distance relationship.

  1. Four reasons that destroy relationship

The psychologist professor John Gottman analyzed the psychology of a human being for over 40 years when it comes to love and finally published four reasons that worried a relationship would be destroyed:

  1. Recurring destructive criticism
  2. Many contemptuous and sarcastic remarks to his partner
  3. Defensive behavior and lack of awareness
  4. Construction of a sensitive cold wall in order not to be hurt
  1. Little things matter most!

After all, some people try to buy love, forgetting that the little surprises that keep a relationship constant and upright. A recent study has clarified that the small and sweet things in a relationship are most appreciated by the partner. In this study, over 4,000 British adults were interviewed. If you for example disposed of the garbage, or prepared some tea for partner, so you’re on the right track.

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